Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Influence of Women in Tech

Hello, Hello! Today I was inspired by my past week and all the articles I've read about the involvement of women in technology. I'm going to specify this talk to "coding", but there's a bigger picture in the entirety of women in the department. I absolutely believe the future in this industry will sky rocket.

What is this? What is happening?!

A REVOLUTION. Well, if you run a blog on any domain, you must know there is a thing that exists called HTML and (maybe CSS?). It is basically a computer language, where you can for example: build a website. A lot of blocks go into it and it's amazing what can come out of it. As you may know, men are a majority of the percentage that work in tech, Stereotypes define women who have an extensive knowledge of code, more on the reply of, "A man's work". It's very frustrating in this growing industry and I believe with all the social media outreach, we can be looked at in a not inferior way.

Now back to it, currently there are many boot camps, organizations, and classes directed towards women of any race. I think once I was looking into these organizations and websites for HOURS just clicking through photos and thinking, "Why not me?". I try to dwell on the inspiration factor and how many women in the coming years who are going to be engineers. Also, taking my time with code. I'm excited to read (and possibly SEE) what the future industry has in store.

Is this a competitive job hunt? (and other concerns)

I don't see it as that! I believe more women will be applying to more tech jobs and many girls start young. If you're thinking this, LEAVE THIS THOUGHT. Your job focus should be on something you enjoy and even if the industry is growing, doesn't mean you don't deserve a spot. I'm also telling this to myself, but you also don't have to be exceed in math and science to code (or take computer science). We all have the potential and this is the call I'm listening to. 

Whether you're considering taking one class, or intrigued by the subject, this industry is changing for the better and it's growing into something more. Any more thoughts and concerns? Let me know down below.

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