About Me

I am a Young Adult book reviewer and blogger.

I love books with a strong focus on female characters, interesting premises, and original ideas. My favorite books have intense relationships, flawed but lovable characters and fresh new settings.

Hey there! My name is Marcey. I live in California, USA. I'm currently a student in school.

I love bubble tea and crepes with a deep fondness. I loving getting packages in the mail and opening it like it's Christmas morning. I enjoy spending time with friends and family sometimes. I love traveling too! The feel of knowing you're going to be somewhere that you can almost call home is mind blowing. I try my best to enjoy the simple pleasures of life and life itself.

I'm still waiting for my life's turning point I try to visually look interesting, on my blog and in the real world, and I try to write reviews that strike eyes from others. You can contact me on my social networks if you'd like to get to know me more!

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