Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Am I Late to the Party? (and other concerns)

Excuses and More!

Hello Readical readers! I know what you are thinking. Why does your blog have inconsistent postings?!?! I'm going to leave your blog because of the nothingness in the abyss you call a blog!!!! Wow, okay that's harsh. But I have lots of stuff to get off my chest and this will kind of be a "tell all" blog version. And I wouldn't mind if you checked out other blogs for bigger, better posts because I cannot compete with the amazing ladies of: Alexa Loves BooksPandora’s BooksNatural ChicaThe Irish BananaThe Lovely BooksFiction FareMundie MomsWhat Sarah ReadBookiemoji Read. Sleep. Repeat.The Eater of BooksThe Reading Nook Reviews The Jungalow
Also! Did I mention I'm part of the I LOVE MY HAIR Blog Tour with these amazing ladies?? It's a coincidence. Anyways, expect an exciting post coming your way soon! 

I've been lacking posts due to school and tiredness. I have found out recently my use of time is not used wisely. I have realized lots of things these past few months.I guess I'm on the path of "finding one's self", and it is very draining. Anyways, I decided to write this tonight because I need my opinion more out there, I guess and it's a struggle to hold onto all these thoughts flying away. I don't want to make this too deep, so I'm all well and alive!

The Future of Books? Well, I'm glad you asked. I have no idea and you shouldn't be asking me...Actually, you should just check out this Adult(any age really) coloring book!!!  I LOVE MY HAIR. And no, this is NOT sponsored, I believe coloring helps with lots (not all) of stress or relaxing. I'm pretty sure studies show too. You heard it here first.

Expectations or Reality?!

I'm going to tell the truth to you all and say my posts will continue to be inconsistent because of my EDUCATION. I am working towards that bright light at the end of the tunnel, but I'm not going to completely abandon my blog! I love this THRIFTY NIFTY BLOG. That is exactly how I would describe this blog. Please, just expect the unexpected and good things will come your way eventually.

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