Friday, May 30, 2014

Day 6 Armchair BEA 2014- Wrap up!

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In the meantime, we want to know how you felt the week went.  What were some of your favorite aspects of Armchair BEA 2014?  What were the most intriguing conversations or the posts you recommend everyone read?  Did you want to summarize your own posts all in one spot?  This is your opportunity to share your wrap-up for the week in the way you feel most appropriate.

My Response:

This was my first Armchair BEA and it was a blast! I've gotten some really inspirational and funny comments. I also received some advice from other fellow bloggers. I found many new book blogs! I loved talking freely of my opinion because it's MY opinion, no one can take that from me. I will leave down below all of my posts I submitted in Armchair BEA. Even though I roughly wanted to be at BEA, Armchair BEA was fun. I want to make plans to go to BEA 2015, but I guess I need budget and I need it to work with my schedule. We will see.. I have so much fun talking and sharing my rants/opinions with you guys! I wish I talked more about thing I'm passionate about. WELL IT'S A WRAP EVERYONE. 

Here are my posts from Day 1 to now:

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Day 2: Author Interactions & More Than Words 
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Day 4: Giveaways & Beyond The Borders
Day 5: Realism in Books & YA


  1. It was great getting to know you this week! I know what you mean about really wanting to go to BEA 2015, but the budget thing is a big part of it. I hope one day we both get to go!

    Lisa @Just Another Rabid Reader

    1. Aw thanks, I loved seeing your comments! Yes, I'll need to save a WHOLE LOT of money including air fairs. Hopefully I'll see you there on the flip side!

  2. Sharing opinions is what it's all about! I hope you'll have fun at BEA if you do go. I'll be back in my armchair next year, but I look forward to it already.
    Visit me at Emerald City Book Review 

  3. I just love your banner! It's great you had fun here even though you wanted to go to BEA. Maybe next year you can plan to go with Kristen over at PrettyLittlePages~ She wants to go too ;)

    Doing Some Reading

  4. Good luck with your BEA 2015 plans. I would love to attend next year as well...and also adding...I LOVE you banner, too!

    1. Thanks! I love hearing feedback for my banner :)

  5. I’ve had so much fun visiting all the blogs on Armchair BEA. This is my first year and I’ve had such a good time that I plan to come back next time. I’ve added a ton of books to my TBR list as well as added a lot of book friends on twitter, goodreads, and bloglovin. Thank you so much for participating and making it a great first year for me.

  6. This was my second year doing Armchair BEA and I had a a great time. I'm glad to see that you enjoyed it also. Good luck with your BEA 2015 plans, I plan on being there too. I'll be working like a maniac to make it happen, but it will happen! :-)

    Shelf Addiction

  7. So glad to hear it was a good experience. I am always telling people how great it is and am glad when people confirm that.

  8. Third year here at Armchair BEA and loved it. Keeps getting better and better. You will love BEA but you do need to plan for it. I attended a few and shipped tons of books home. Armchair BEA is the next best thing, but it's also a different type of experience in its own right. Good luck!


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